… for Strains & sprains * Back Pain * Neck Pain * Sciatica * Shoulder impingements * Rotator cuff injuries * Sports injuries *  Post-surgery rehab * RSI * Frozen shoulder * Joint pain * Osteoarthritis * Rheumatoid arthritis * Knee injuries * ACL/PCL  rehab * Meniscus tear * Elderly falls/rehab * Total hip/knee replacements … and so much more.


  • Feel free to come visit us at a clinic near you. Currently, we have clinics in Beckenham and Cannon street.
  • Can’t get away from work? No problem! We’ll be delighted to bring your physiotherapy session to you at work. All you need to do is book out a room/office space that has a closed door and enough room on the floor to lay down.
  • Whilst we’re there, we would be very happy to take a look at your ergonomics and desk set up.
  • We also offer team talks, presentations,  tailored to suit your needs. Simply get in touch to discuss.
  • Covering London Zones 1-6.
  • No work, no clinic? Guess what? WE GOT YOU! We would literally bring your physiotherapy session to your actual home. Generous, right?! We know 🙂
  • Home visits would suit busy people who simply don’t have the time, elderly people, people who may have just had surgeries or are physically unable to get into clinic for whatever reasons. Lazy people who can’t be bothered to leave their homes will not be judged either – you want us, just say the word. It would be our absolute pleasure.
  • For the older genertion, we can cover falls rehabilitation/mobility practise and transfer practise for bed, stairs, toilets and chairs. We can also give advice on mobility aids and teach you how to use the best ones suited to you.
  • Covering London Zones 1-6
  • Not in the country? Wait for it – video consultations are available if it’s impossible to meet in person!! You’re welcome! 🙂 Simply drop us a line and we would be very happy to offer this service at a time that best suits you.
  • No injuries as such but want to keep on top of your health, flexibility and strength? Are you getting a bit tighter after a workout or perhaps the occasional back or shoulder pain with no real cause? A physical health MOT might just be for you. Yet again – you’re welcome!