Unlike the majority of people, you don’t need to accept having a sore back and neck forever because your workstation isn’t right. It definitely isn’t normal and no, you don’t have to live with it.

You’d never wear someone else’s jeans that are ill-fitted for seven hours a day, five days a week, so why sit at a desk that does not fit you for such long periods?

In an ideal world, every office would have individual standing and height adjustable desks but we, of course, know that’s not the case in real life. Hence, specialists physiotherapists have developed ways and ideas around this, so as to prevent these niggles, pain and injuries even before they occur.

We can provide workstation/ergonomic assessments to prevent or treat:

-Neck pain and associated headaches

-Back pain

-Upper limb/wrist pain


-Knee and hip pain

-General muscle tension.

Ergonomic assessments are meant to help your environment fit you and not the other way round. Surprisingly, you might already have all the right equipment but perhaps not aware of how to make the most of them correctly.

Why not book a one-off ergonomic assessment now to get expert advice and recommendations to help you avoid and/or treat unnecessary secondary complications from prolonged sitting at an ill-fitted workstation?

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