Are you suffering from tight muscles or joint pain? Ever wonder why you have been seeing your massage therapist, chiropractor or an osteopath for a year, yet you only better momentarily and your issues return again and again?
Soft tissue and joint injuries can often be a secondary complication of an undetected primary problem usually only Physiotherapists have the expertise to diagnose and treat for good. We give you the tools to help you understand and manage your injuries so that you can avoid them coming back. As much as we love seeing you in clinic, we’d rather you got better and didn’t return.
Having the expertise of a Chartered Physiotherapist at your expense means that you get to uncover the real root of your problem and live a happier, pain-free lifestyle as we empower you to take all the necessary steps, leaving you the freedom to be happy and more efficient in your daily activities.

We treat a variety of traditional MSK (neuromusculoskeletal) issues such as:

– Neck pain
– Back pain
– Osteoporosis
– Osteoarthritis
– Rotator cuff tears and impingements
– Sciatica
– Postural related issues
– Frozen shoulder
– Tennis and Golfer’s elbow
– Whiplash
– Upper and Lower limb fractures
– Sprains and Strains
and so much more
We also treat all sports-related injuries from:
– Cycling
– Swimming
– Weightlifting
– Running
– Dancing

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