Home visits are available anywhere within Zone 1-6.

M25 Area Map
Are you elderly?
Had a fall recently?
Worried about falling?
Struggling with your activities of daily living like getting in and out of bed, up and down the stairs, on and off the chair/toilet?
Perhaps you're struggling to walk?
Have you just had a total knee/hip replacement or preparing for one of these?
We appreciate you can't get into clinic and so we'll be delighted to visit you at home, provided you live within 5 miles of any of our clinic locations.
On a home visit, we provide a thorough assessment of you in your home including assessing:
-The heights of your chair, bed and toilet
-Your ability to transfer from one to the other.
-Mobility and walking aids- walking sticks, crutches, three/four-wheeled walker etc
-We can also suggest other aids such as toilet frames, bath boards, hoists, standing aids etc
We also give you exercises to make you stronger and work very closely with your carers and other professionals around you, to ensure you have the best all-round treatment.

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