Joy Ogude is a Chartered Physiotherapist with 10 years of in-depth, specialist professional experience after graduating from both the universities of Coventry and Leicester with a BSc (Hons) degree in 2009.

Joy’s bold move to become self-employed early on in her career enabled her to work all over the country, experiencing many facets of physiotherapy and treating a range of neuromusculoskeletal conditions. This means Joy is just as confident treating sports injuries in a 16-year-old as she is treating a 91-year-old after hip surgery.

She, therefore, enjoys treating patients in her clinics as much as she does in their home or work environments.  Joy is also one of the few physiotherapists around who provide virtual video consultations for people who are unable to get to the clinic.

Not your average Physiotherapist, Joy is also a fitness influencer with thousands of followers across her social media channels.

As an influencer, Joy also shares her workouts and physiotherapy advice videos like this on her instagram page and youtube channel.

Joy is extremely proud of her work on social media especially because this has helped her impact the lives of thousands of people, encouraging them to live healthier, make better food choices and remain injury-free. True to her name, Joy is always full of life and this is evident in her persona, both online and in person.

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